Kids of Honor

Kids of Honor® Facts: Our Outcomes

The first measure of success is graduation!

DOMINIQUE_GRADUATESThus far, with the assistance of Kids of Honor®, 90 local students earned high school diplomas.  In 2007 our first three Kids of Honor® graduated.  In 2008 fourteen received diplomas. There were 26 in 2009.  In 2010, 25 Kids of Honor® joined the ranks of high school graduates! Twenty-two more joined them this year! CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks to the Daily Times for this photo.



Check_-WebFUN FACT...

Over the past 10 years, 96 students recieved $500 Graduation Incentive / Scholarship checks.  That's 96 Annual Winners at our partner site locations...We think that's pretty impressive!


Graduation Surveys 2011

Eight of our 11 WIHI graduates completed our graduation survey. Here’s what we learned:

6 are on Facebook .  1 is also on MySpace.

All plan to further their educations… 

  • 5 at WOR-WIC
  • 1 at UMES
  • 1 at UMD – College Park
  • 1 at Delmarva Beauty Academy

Half of them have jobs.

Their grade point Averages were 3.0 or higher (or unreported)

  • 4 reported 3.0
  • 2 reporter 3.75 or higher

Responses to “What I LIKED about Kids of Honor® or YEAH”
  • That I got the chance to learn how to be a leader and further my education
  • Pizza Parties
  • Community Interactions
  • Always Interested in me
  • Getting the money for school
  • It provided opportunities to explore different issues and meet new people
  • There were always opportunities for students
  • I liked the things that Kids of Honor did to make us better students and people

Responses to “What I DID NOT LIKE about Kids of Honor® or YEAH”
  • I wish we had more meetings
  • All the stuff in the mail
  • The lack of motivation from the other Kids of Honor students.  Having mentioned Kids of Honor to other seniors who were involved in the past (grade school etc) had forgotten that they were involved. I would just recommend keeping in touch via Facebook, e-mail updates or events regarding the Y.E.A. H club and other activities.  To get the word out to more students about the organization, I would also aim at more high schools since they usually carry more students and have broadcast and / or other forms of news to inform the students.  Although high school graduation is the main goal, KOH should reemphasize on other goals students may have outside of graduation.  THANK YOU!
  • Not being able to do nothing
  • I didn’t participate more
  • There wasn’t anything I didn’t like



Kids of Honor Demographics 2010/2011

Here's a demographic snapshot of our Kids of Honor®

Note: Twenty to thirty percent of our students did not provide answers to the demographic questions. Below is a reporting of the responses we did recieve. 




Download this file (fbwhonordailytimesfinal.pdf)graduation ad.pdfPaula Morris