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Soccer Betting Strategy for You to Succeed

Want to bet on soccer for the first time? First, you need to find a good soccer betting strategy. Choose a match. You need to take the results of the last 4 matches of each team. Team 1 - 2 wins (35:25 and 29:21), 2 losses (18:23 and 24:27). We calculate the attack rating, discarding the extreme values (35 and 18), and add the rest and divide by 2: (29 + 18) / 2 = 23.5. In addition, you should determine the level of protection, only consider goals conceded (25, 21, 23, 27). It turns out (25 + 23) / 2 = 24. You should do similar actions with the second team. Team 2 - 1 victory (12: 4), 3 losses (11:18, 13:17, 18:21). Based on the calculations, the attack rating is 12.5, and the defense rating is 17.5.  Using the soccer betting strategy, you’ll be able to win at

Now make a forecast. Add the attack rating of team 1 to the defense rating of the team and subtract 20 (average score in the NFL). We get: 23.5 + 17.5 - 20 = 21. To calculate the number of points that team 2 will receive, add their attack rating to the defense rating of team 1 and subtract 20. We get: 12.5 + 24 - 20 = 16.5 . As a result, we can get the estimated score of the meeting - 21: 16.5. To increase the accuracy of the forecast, you need to take into account the factor of the home stadium. Home teams usually earn an average of 23 points, and guests 20. Just add 3 to the points of team 1 and get the final version of the score prediction - 24: 16.5. From this account, determine the winner, as well as the head start and total. Good tips and analyzes will help to improve forecasts, and accordingly increase your profit from bets. How and where to bet on American football?

Let's consider how to place a bet. In the menu on the site of the chosen bookmaker, select “American Football” and open the tournament that interests you. Next, you need to determine the outcome of the match. For example, the hosts will win and click on the winning coefficient of team 1. Next, in the coupon on the right, enter the bet size and click on the “Place a Bet” or “Register” button, if you have not registered before. Conclusions In betting on American football, it is important to know and take into account the form of teams, quarterback, stadium factor and weather. It is important to be able to use analytics and statistics in your betting strategy for making money in bookmakers. With experience, you will notice bets that bookmakers did not take into account when setting the odds, and without any problems you can get your profit.