Kids of Honor

Is Kids of Honor® a Fit for Your Organization?

Kids of Honor® Start-Up Checklist

Is my Organization Qualified to be a Kids of Honor Partner Site?

To determine whether Kids of Honor® is a fit to partner with your organization, please answer the following questions.

  • Reva_horizons_computersmallDo you have an organization designed for an identifiable group of kids who are struggling in school?
  • Does your program support youth in grades 4-8?
  • Is your organization an established, demonstrated youth-based program?  If your group is just starting out or coming together out of a need for Kids of Honor®, please contact us before you apply. 
  • Kids of Honor® is an inclusive program.  Is everyone eligible to join and partake equally? Not everyone in your group may choose to participate.  However, all are encouraged to do so. 
  • Are the adults at your facility ready to embrace proven youth development philosophies in line with the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets, America’s Promises to Youth, PBIS, and Communities in Schools? These philosophies drive the Kids of Honor® model. 
  • Kids of Honor® is a catalyst for positive change. Asset building and youth development practices require consistency from people who truly care about kids and their successes. Are the adults implementing your program willing to follow through with each step of the Kids of Honor® Program Outline and Expectations and be flexible enough to embrace the changes that may occur in your children or program agenda?

How Does My Organization Become a Kids of Honor® Partner Site?

1. Your organization submits an application of participation to Kids of Honor®.
2. Upon Kids of Honor® board approval, your organization submits a license agreement to Kids of Honor®.
3. Then our staff and yours create your tailored documents Including :
  • An Operations Manual 
  • Permission Slips
  • Point Collection Documents
4. Your organization explains the Kids of Honor® program to its students and gives each of them a Kids of Honor® permission slip.  Each student must get the permission slip signed by his or her parent before participating in the Kids of Honor® program.
5. Note that Kids of Honor® provides all of these forms to your organization.  Paper and electronic copies of all documents and forms are found in the Kids of Honor Partner Site Handbook.