Kids of Honor

Kids of Honor® Mission, Vision and Values

KOH_Search_6-06116_2_smallKids of Honor® Mission
Kids of Honor empowers youth to graduate from high school and pursue their dreams.

Kids of Honor® Vision
Kids of Honor envisions a future where the legacy of successful, educated young people Inspires positive community change.

Kids of Honor® Core Values
1. All children have the potential to become honorable, advantageous members of the community.
2. Young people who graduate from high school are better prepared for personal and professional success and community engagement.
3. Children need support and positive reinforcement from caring adults to gain confidence and self reliance.

Kids of Honor® Pledge
I am a Kid of Honor.
Someone caught me making positive life choices.
Now I have responsibilities.
I want to continue to make positive choices for myself.
I am also a role model for my friends.
I will strive to be successful in school.
I will graduate from high school and pursue the career of my dreams.
I will help others along the way.
I am a Kid of Honor!