Kids of Honor

Kids of Honor® History

Founded in 2001, Kids of Honor® developed as an attempt to reach out to local struggling youth in the lower counties of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, and help them through to high school graduation.

Originally, Kids of Honor® was an incentive program that encouraged students to continue seeking tutoring at the local Salvation Army, even when their grades had surpassed a minimum passing level. There, report card records showed that 87% of participating students raised at least one grade in a core subject, yet few remained in the program and set long-term goals.

balloons_smallThe issue was not the quality of tutoring, but the urgent need to keep kids involved. Kids of Honor® offered praise and encouragement that supported each and every child’s involvement in the after-school program. The results were overwhelming, and Kids of Honor® has since flourished in a variety of partnership locations, keeping kids off the streets, embracing positive influences, and staying in school.

Since those early days, Kids of Honor® has helped hundreds of students improve their academic performance and their hope for the future, not just through prizes and incentives, but by bestowing the tools they need to succeed for themselves.

Incorporated in 2003 as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, Kids of Honor® embraces the 40 Developmental Assets, America’s 5 Promises, Communities In Schools and PBIS to encourage students to make positive choices and reach for success.

Our track record is impeccable.  All of the young people participating in our program graduate.  Three Kids of Honor® graduated in 2007, fourteen in 2008, twenty-six in 2009 and twenty-five in 2010.

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3 Dr. Peter Benson, to participants at the Search Institute 2008 Healthy Communities l Healthy Youth Conferenc in 2007, 14 in 2008, 26 in 2009 and 25 in 2010.

Kids of Honor® is collaborative, successful, and effective.


Kind Words

“I would be honored to show the world what I have achieved and learned from Horizons and Kids of Honor®. Kids of Honor® helps me get a shot at my scholarship so I don’t have to give my parents a hard time.  It would be an honor to be presented with the scholarship and to be part of your club.” 
--Kameron, Kids of Honor® Annual Winner at Horizons at The Salisbury School

“My appreciation for the funds of this scholarship is immeasurable.  Receiving this scholarship gets me closer to obtaining the education to pursue my dreams as a chef.” 
--Rebecca, Kids of Honor® Student

“Nothing is impossible.  After joining the Kids of Honor® high school club, YEAH, I have the resources to do things I only dreamt possible.”
 --Nkongho, YEAH Member

“You have made mole-hills into mountains.  Boys who the school would have written off have now become young men who are envied by others.  The turnaround in my child alone has been remarkable.  He has gone from weekly referrals to a Kid of Honor.”
--Gladys Dix, Parent

“Kids of Honor® changed my life.  Thank You!” --Nathan, Kids of Honor® Student and Now Presidential Scholar at Shaw University

“I know the amazing affect Kids of Honor® has on individual students from personally implementing their tools at The Salvation Army.  The positive effect on our community as a whole is phenomenal.”
--Mark S. Thompson, President of Wicomico County Board of Education (2009)